“Just home from a month in Key West. We had perfect weather and it was hard returning to Dallas at 27 degrees. Returned to find your prototypes and so wished we could have had them in Key West. It drives me insane to have to take off my sunglasses, put my reg glasses and then look at my phone. Your idea is genius, color choices are perfect… a winner. I am keeping one in my car and the other in My purse. Come to Dallas.”

Bonnie B., Dallas, TX

“Are you kidding? This is amazing. I work remotely so whether I’m on a beach wherever I am I can use this!! Even on my bike, in a restaurant where the lighting causes glare… Brilliant for gamers!!! ”

Kevin P., Northampton, MA

“Friggin’ awesome! Better than a beach towel over your head!”

Deidra H., St. Petersburg, FL

“The sunshadez are awesome! Best part is they’re soft and easy to pack and super easy to put on. Used all day at St Pete Grand Prix!”

Lauren C., St Petersburg, FL

“My phone is too old to fit and I don’t use it much BUT the TabletShadeZ which I am NEVER without is perfect for all my privacy needs – happy dancing!”

Jolene W., Dallas, TX

“It won’t fit my old iPhone. Time for a new one. But it fits my companion’s phone!”

June D., Marco Island, FL

“We’ll definitely carry CellShadeZ!”

Manager, Motorcycle Shop, Pinellas Park, FL

“Sooo cool they work in the sun and snow LOL”

Maggie S., Duluth, MN

“OMG OMG OMG this is brilliant! I can take this everywhere, I can take this to concerts, everywhere! Everybody needs one everybody!!! I’m NEVER going to the beach again without it!!! For musicians like me, any venue I’ll be able to read my sheet music which is on my pad.”

Heather P., Northampton, MA

“I immediately went outside this a.m. to try CellShadez. I like the packaging and colors. The whole concept is ideal ‘especially for photo ops’. Innovation your game! Thanks for the chance to see and use new product.”

Toni W., College Station, TX

“I love it. Very high quality, easy to slip on & off, easy to use phone with it in place, really improves visibility in the sun.”

Norma W., St. Petersburg, FL

“I’m going to use this all the time! I’m sending one to my friend in Key West who is a boat captain – he can never see his fishfinder!”

Colin B., St Petersburg, FL


“Love them! I put it on backward as suggested to answer my phone and it did reduce the ‘white noise’!!!”

Angie P., Denver, CO


“WOW love it. Great gifts for everyone.”

Lori L., Superior, WI

“That’s cool and fits over my huge case!”

Sue B., St. Petersburg, FL

“This thing has legs! Great accessory when needed.”

Pete N., Port Charlotte, FL