Fits MOST Androids, iPhones
& Many fishfinders


Sand, Sea, Snow and Sun!

Enables Privacy Viewing

Reduces White Noise

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“My wife and I love ours! My wife has her ‘Sling’ on her phone in the car and loves it – it really works!”

– Erich B., Kathleen, GA


Have You Ever . . . .

  • used your hand to shade your Cell Phone or Tablet? 
  • been frustrated when Glare renders screen unreadable? 
  • taken a ‘Point ‘n Click’ photo because of screen whiteout? 
  • had raindrops or snowflakes ever blur your screen beyond readable?
  • dread lighting up a night-flight cabin or the movie theater?  
  • wanted privacy from ‘prying eyes’?
  • wondered, why hasn’t any one invented a portable Shade? 

Yup – same here!

We asked these same questions!  Three years and 7 different concepts later we finally had our ‘Ah Ha!’ moment! The World’s 1st and only CellShadeZ and TabletShadeZ were born! 

From the very beginning of our journey, we were adamant that our CellShadeZ and TabletShadeZ would be American made, American packaged and American Proud!

CellShadeZ and TabletShadeZ are designed to meet your needs! Our manufacturing process offers  premier ShadeZ for long-lasting use and enjoyment. Your camera lens(es), front, side, back buttons & finger print-ID scanners are never compromised.

From the suncoasts of Florida to snow-blinding Rockie Mountain  slopes, from water glare when boating to shade-less bus stops, our ShadeZ ensure your screen is readable!

We didn’t stop there!

Our ShadeZ simultaneously ensure privacy while seated next to a nosey lookie-lue on your next commuter ride or flight!