Frequently Asked Questions

Will CellShadeZ protect my screen if I drop my phone?

Although our shadez are made from a soft material (neoprene) CellShadeZ & TabletShadeZ are not designed as a “screen protector”. CellShadeZ & TabletShadeZ are designed to give instant shade & privacy.

Why doesn’t CellShadeZ come with a lanyard?

Lanyards come in many styles, sizes & dozens of colors. From lanyard chords to retractable lanyards, from dollar store lanyards to corporate promo lanyards we understand the choice of lanyard is best left up to you.

How do I talk on my phone when the CellShadeZ is on my phone?

When answering or making a call place the CellShadeZ on backward. This enables you to speak on your phone, while the shadez become a noise reducer and/or wind blocker.

What is the ring at the bottom of the CellShadeZ for?

It’s for attaching a lanyard or a keychain. Many customers like the hands-free convenience of their phone around their neck with the shadez on.

Is CellShadeZ meant to be left on my device like my case?

No our shadez were not designed to be left on your device all the time. CellShadeZ & TabletShadeZ are designed to be used when you need shade and or privacy. Then put them in your pocket or handbag until the next time you need shadez.

Do CellShadeZ & TabletShadeZ block UV and Blue-Light waves?

Yes. Shading your device screen with our shadez keeps UV & Blue-light waves from bouncing off your screen into your eyes.